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Starting your education is now only a few keystrokes away. After you create your user account, you can log into the campus portal. Inside the campus portal, you will enter your personal information and indicate the program you wish to study, complete and submit your enrollment application, obtain campus information, and use the message center to communicate with our staff.

To ensure successful completion of your application, please be sure to have access to email at the time of application. Click here to create a login and apply.

Huntington Junior College is an open admissions college. Admission to Huntington Junior College is open to you if you have a state-recognized high school diploma or a general equivalency diploma (GED). Huntington Junior College recognizes that sometimes students need additional assistance to be successful in college. As such, Huntington Junior College requires that all new students complete an academic assessment program before they can begin classes.

The results of this assessment will be used to help Huntington Junior College make appropriate recommendations on classes and additional tools the student may need. Depending on the results of this assessment Huntington Junior College may recommend:

  • Enrolling without any additional conditions.
  • Conditional enrollment. Student may begin taking college level credits; however, they may be required to complete additional course work to enhance their basic skills.
  • Limited enrollment. The student will need to complete additional remedial course work before beginning college level courses. The student can complete the class through the online MyReadiness.com course provided by Huntington Junior College. This course does not count toward credit hours attempted or completed at the college. Tuition will not be charged; however, an access fee will be required to cover the cost of the course.