Financial Aid > Tuition


Effective September 27, 2021 quarterly tuition and fees are as follows:

4 Quarter Hours – $1,210
8 Quarter Hours – $2,310
12 - 20 Quarter Hours – $3,350

There is an additional $50 charge per quarter for those students carrying more than 20 quarter hours.

All Online and Virtual classes require an additional fee of  $125 except for Realtime Reporting dictation classes which have a fee of $175. 

The Medical Assisting and Medical Coding programs require an additional membership and/or certification testing fee during their capstone courses.  These prices are set by outside agencies and are subject to change without notice.  Current costs can be found on the college's website.

One set of required instructional materials is provided for student use the first time a student takes a course. Any necessary shipping fees will be at the students’ expense.

Quarterly tuition charges not covered by available financial aid programs or outside agencies may be paid in monthly installments.

If a student withdraws from school, the tuition charge is computed for the exact enrollment period as determined by the last date of attendance through 60% of the quarter. Federal financial aid funds are returned as required by the Department of Education's Return of Title IV funds formula and the WV Higher Education Policy Commission as applicable.  Any remaining credit balance will be refunded to either any agency which may have paid tuition as requred, or to the student.

Tuition adjustments for the dropping of individual classes will not be made after the second week of each quarter.