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Realtime Reporting Steno Writing Equipment Checklist

Below you will find the minimum requirements for your Steno Writing classes at HJC. For some items, we have included information where your equipment can be purchased. This is for your convenience only. HJC does not recommend or require that your equipment be purchased from any particular supplier. 
  • Steno Machine - Stentura 400SRT Protege, e’lan Cybra or comparable realtime capable writing machine (programmed with the Smartwriter-Stentura software protocol) For more information contact the Stenograph Corporation at 800-323-4247, ext 6263.
  • Case CATalyst4 student version 9 or higher. (This can also be purchased through the Stenograph Corporation at 800-323-4247, ext 6263.)
  • Power strip with a surge protector
  • Microsoft Office Software
    • Windows 2003/2007 word processor software such as Microsoft Word
    • Database processing software such as Microsoft Access
    • Spreadsheet capable software such as Microsoft Excel
  • Computer or laptop (minimum requirements listed below)
    • High-speed internet access (cable or DSL)
    • Monitor, printer, keyboard, mouse, printer port and serial port
    • USB Ports (A minimum of three USB ports and one serial port needed. A USB to serial adapter can be used in lieu of a true serial port.)
    • Processor: 3.0 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent
    • RAM: 2.0 GB RAM or greater 
    • Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 
    • Sound Card & Speakers
    • CD-ROM/RW drive (Please note: a DVD burner is preferred because DVD’s hold more information for backing up speech files.)
    • Hard Drive Capacity of 60 GB or higher (80 GB is preferred)
    • Java-enabled Internet browser (Microsoft™ Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher) 
    • Graphics accelerator card (A high resolution screen set to 1024x768 resolution is recommended.)